Wedding of Anna & Daniel

JGA Anna
Stag Night Anna
JGA Daniel
Stag Night Daniel
Wedding-Eve Party
Civil Registry Office

All pictures can be downloaded in full resolution (JPEG, quality 75 %) as ZIP file:
Stag Night Anna: Download (47 Pictures, 19.2 MB, selection as in web)
Stag Night Daniel: Download (8 Pictures, 2.4 MB, selection as in web)
Wedding-Eve Party: Download
(25 Pictures, 25.9 MB, selection as in web)
(78 Pictures, 56.5 MB, larger selection)
Civil Registry Office: Download (10 Pictures, 5.6 MB, selection as in web)
Wedding: Download
(70 Pictures, 48.2 MB, selection as in web)
(457 Pictures, 290.4 MB, larger selection)

A video of the wedding and/or ALL pictures are also available, but due to the large
size (3000 pictures 8.4 GB, video 4.2 GB) I will not provide them for download up to now...
If anybody is interested in downloading or postal delivery: please ask!

Enjoy watching the pictures :o)

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